Best 5 Maternity Swimming Costumes for Summer

Be proud this summer and show off your baby bump! There are loads of maternity costumes available for all stages of your pregnancy. Whether you’re in your first or third trimester, there is something for everyone. I’ve had a look around and based on feedback from my readers and reviews on various sites, I have compiled this list. If you have any feedback or recommendations, please feel free to comment!

(My favourite – which won’t come as a surprise to my regular readers – is the polka dot pregnancy swimsuit. The addition of the red bow makes it adorable!) x

Best Pregnancy Swimwear & Beachwear

If you’re looking for more of a shawl, there are some great ones to ensure you’re nicely covered while enjoying the sun safely.

Swim Dresses For Summer 2017

Swim dresses are a firm favourite of mine along with the tankini. Because they have built in shorts under the dress, you have the modesty of a good coverage from those and the dress.

There are various sizes and styles, but generally the top will be an open back with straps over your shoulders. Often some swim dresses also have a padded cup section which does suit some women.

Swimming dresses are a perfect way to hide your modesty and at the same time remain sexy. I feel great wearing mine (the white spotty one below!) x

As you can see there are quite a few different styles of swimming dresses. Although I already have the polka dot one, I am quite taken by the cherry one! It’s not my normal style, but it’s so pretty!! ­čÖé I hope you like my choices! There are plenty more available on Amazon too.


8 of the Best Tummy Control Swimsuits

Tummy control. It’s something I haven’t naturally had since my first daughter was born! So it’s with great pleasure I find a whole range of swimwear with specific tummy control properties.

Tummy control swimwear can be used by anyone – any size – any weight. They help us all. The mechanics behind these swimming costumes is incredible. They suck everything in whilst still leaving you looking sexy. Bravo.

(Some of these are not strictly “modest swimsuits” which was the point of my blog, but they do help with your modesty so I feel that this article should fit in nicely!)┬á

My top 8 tummy control swim suits

(Click on the swim suits to check availability and prices)

So there you have it. My favourite 8 tummy control costumes. As you can see, there are a number of different styles so hopefully I’ve found one which suits your taste. Please comment below if you know of any other wonder tummy control costumes which you can share with other┬áreaders!

6 of the best Tankinis for 2017

Tankinis are one of my favourite swimwear items for the beach. They are cool enough and revealing enough to feel good, but also modest enough to hide bits you may not want on show. Having had two children, I prefer to hide my stomach when in public. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ashamed of it – it’s who I am – a mummy – but I just feel better and more comfortable with it being “sheltered” from view!

I’ve found my favourite tankinis for you below. I hope you like them and you get to enjoy some sunshine this year with one of them!

Which one is your favourite? I tried to choose 6 quite different styles to suit everyone’s taste. Bold colours and prints are quite in at the moment so the CharmLeaks and Paisley Print ones above are my two favourites!

Of course, you cannot go wrong with the top left (halter neck) tankini. It’s classy and remember, black hides quite a lot too! x


Muslim Swimwear

There is a large range of swimwear to cover the whole body, also known as Burkinis. They are becoming more popular in the UK with non-muslim cultures too as a way of protecting ones self from skin cancers. These are often referred to as “Solar Suits” too.

(Click on each swimsuit to view more information and to check availability)