8 of the Best Tummy Control Swimsuits

Tummy control. It’s something I haven’t naturally had since my first daughter was born! So it’s with great pleasure I find a whole range of swimwear with specific tummy control properties.

Tummy control swimwear can be used by anyone – any size – any weight. They help us all. The mechanics behind these swimming costumes is incredible. They suck everything in whilst still leaving you looking sexy. Bravo.

(Some of these are not strictly “modest swimsuits” which was the point of my blog, but they do help with your modesty so I feel that this article should fit in nicely!)¬†

My top 8 tummy control swim suits

(Click on the swim suits to check availability and prices)

So there you have it. My favourite 8 tummy control costumes. As you can see, there are a number of different styles so hopefully I’ve found one which suits your taste. Please comment below if you know of any other wonder tummy control costumes which you can share with other¬†readers!

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